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Beyond installation and sales of new iron doors, we offer detail services and repair services. 

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We Put Your Needs First

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Iron Doors of Southern Utah can install
Here's the guys after installing this am


We will transform your tired iron door back into a work of art.


We repair damaged iron doors


Our goal is quality service, commitment to customer satisfaction, and integrity.  Being family owned and operated, we are able to maintain a high level of customer service.


Paint and Finish are warrantied for 3 years from installation. Warranty does not cover fading and damage from sun exposure. Glass will be covered for 2 years from installation.  Abuse and misuse are not covered under any portion of our warranty. Doors are not waterproof.
Not liable for settling nor natural disasters


Everything You Need to Know

At Urban Iron Doors, we make every effort to give our customers a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience. Our store policies help us do just that. Read about them below, and contact us with any questions you may have.

**By placing a deposit and/or signing CAD , buyer is agreeing to the following terms & conditions.
Buyer agrees to pay 50% of invoice, order the door. The remaining 50% will be due upon installation.
If any invoice is not paid upon delivery/install, an initial late fee of 5% will be added with 5% additional interest per month. If not paid in full within 90 days of installation collection attempts will begin. Buyer shall pay all costs of collections, including collection fees, attorney fees
& court fees. 
Due to the customization and order process, refunds will not be given after the order has been placed to the manufacturer.
Lead time is estimated and not guaranteed.

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